On Regret is a per­for­mance ded­i­cated to all the chances in life that have passed us by: from dev­as­tat­ingly witty come­backs not thought of in the heat of the moment, to the buses and trains we almost caught, to the nights we sat at home wish­ing we’d gone out, to lovers that got away, and ones who never were at all.

The per­for­mance dwells on the fact that each of life’s regrets results from deci­sions taken in a sin­gle moment, and on how such moments, through the bur­den of regret, con­tinue, expand and repeat in our minds. Using its struc­ture and dura­tion, the per­for­mance dis­sects the feel­ing of regret by stretch­ing and con­tort­ing each of the performance’s 60 min­utes, expos­ing the pres­ence of pain, desire and long­ing in every­day words, ges­tures and images with a dark sense of humour.

Devised through the assem­blage of auto­bi­o­graph­i­cal and found mate­r­ial, the per­for­mance is fast-paced and frag­men­tary, con­tin­u­ally swing­ing between the comic and the tragic and mak­ing use of mate­r­ial rang­ing from per­sonal ads and self-help books to iconic film scenes. It sits some­where in the space between know­ing what you want and hav­ing it, or in the real­i­sa­tion that what you want will never be yours.