Have you ever stared into the mirror for too long and realised that behind the face is a person, and that this person is you?

At One Point. is a theatrical meditation on moments of sublime clarity, inspired by the story of a person confronting their own image in a mirror. 

We were thinking about the act of reflection, about when a moment of reflection  imposes itself on you out of nowhere, slicing itself suddenly and unexpectedly through life’s usual “stuff”.  We asked a few people we know to think about that too, inviting them to impose a moment of reflection on themselves. We asked them to look into the mirror for at least five minutes and to record themselves speaking their thoughts aloud as they did so. The soundtrack to At One Point. is a montage made using ten of those recordings.


Two performers search for something that got lost somewhere in the in-between. Between the face and its reflection, between now and then, between him and her, between light and shade, between the one who is watching and the one who is being watched.

The performance is a guided tour through layers of consciousness, an unexpected solar eclipse viewed from the side of a motorway. As the unfolding events bleed into to each other, intangible sensations become solid, before melting and turning into vapour. With a highly visual theatrical language and live video, At One Point. is a multi-layered and sensorially arresting experience, a kind of selfie phantasmagoria.  

Photos by: Noemi La Pera, Noa Livnat and Fabio Giannetto
Lighting Design : Jonathan Jewett & Yaron Shyldkrot