RL/P (Rogerson Lazarovich/Projects) is a London-based collaboration between performance artist Jonathan Rogerson and director/performer Nohar Lazarovich.

As RL/P we make work at the intersection of theatre and live art. Informed by a background in and love of theatre and the theatrical, our performances seek to deconstruct the theatrical event, dissecting and reconsidering its components. Our work addresses mundane, overlooked and extraordinary aspects of the contemporary experience, combining found materials from the debris of everyday life with influences from other disciplines.

In our process we experiment with form and composition, exploring how structure and temporality can create their own meaning outside/alongside content. For us, each live encounter with an audience represents a stage of an ongoing process, an investigation, a conversation.

Our work is characterised by bold and simple imagery, minimal aesthetic and a dark sense of humour. Recent projects have focused on the use of found or readymade material – text, sound, imagery – from sources ranging from advertising and self-help books to iconic film scenes, and has addressed subjects such as desire, gender and the instability of identity.

We are both co-founding members of the international performance collective Head of a Woman and continue to work on individual projects across the UK and internationally. 

Photo by: Noemi La Perra